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Before You Make a Reservation – Check These Websites Out!

This is Jean’s personal favorite to find out which airlines are flying nonstop to a given destination. You’ll quickly find out which airlines are flying (except Southwest which doesn’t list on this site) there and the cost. This site has been very accurate and reliable, and it’s very easy to use.
Want to find a flight with a good record of being on time? Go to this website for information.
This website will help you check the safety record of almost any airline you are considering for a flight, including flight overseas on airlines you may never have heard of.



The Washington Post recommends 2 sites where you can sign up for fare alerts: and
Use this website to find out cheapest round-trip flights for your destination. This site will also tell you when is the best time to fly over holiday times. If possible, plan ahead so you aren’t flying on the highest peak days. You’ll be glad to avoid the crowds and delays that can result.

Great Sources

Travelocity, CheapTickets and Orbitz are all good sources for information on flights, rental cars, and hotels.

To track a current flight:  Go to, enter the name of the airline and the flight number and you will see the status of take-off, where in the sky and landing.

Travel Review Sites Need to find a wonderful place to stay? This website is great! Whether you want to find a charming small inn or an inexpensive airport hotel, this website is invaluable. Reviews are available for places to stay almost anywhere in the world where you might want to travel. You’ll often find listings here that you’d never find in even the best guidebooks. Tripadvisor reviews are posted by travelers themselves, are often very detailed and informative.  A really user-friendly site, just enter the name of a city or town where you might want to stay. Or, if you’ve read or heard about a place to stay, check it on before you make you final decision. Some of the recommended places to stay could be hard for you to contact yourself, but along with reviews, you can just click on one or more links ( to make your reservation at the best price.

The New York Times also recommends:  and also Trip

To rent a villa, cottage, apartment or condo, New York Times recommends includes apartments, villas,timeshares,cottages and even houseboats with each property visited by a WorldEscape staffer.

VRBO(Vacation Rentals By Owner remains an excellent site to find a place.  We like the photos inside and outside each place to help you find a rental that you’ll find attractive.

Additional Information
For locating an airport motel  this website is recommended. This is especially true if you’re flying out early, this is ideal for leaving your own car at the motel and taking the motel shuttle over to the airport. The cost of leaving your car is included in the overnight fee and you can sometimes find a place that will include over a week’s free parking. This will save you a lot of time and worry in the morning.

Advanced Ticketing

Remember to get your tickets as far in advance as possible if you want a low fare. Remember that these go fast and likely won’t be available if you wait. Think you may forget to book early? Send yourself a reminder to do so at (You can also use this to remember the birthday of someone important to you!)

Travel Section of The Washington Post

The Sunday travel section of The Washington Post is an excellent source of information. Their articles and tips for handling difficult situations that others have encountered are invaluable.

Links for Us?

Please send  or call us with your tips for helpful websites. We hope these links help you have an easier travel time whether for work or play!