Appointments & Fees

About Scheduling

calendarYour scheduling needs can be handled very flexibly. We offer evening appointments Monday-Thursdays as well as daytime appointments Monday-Friday. If you are coming to our office from some distance, we may be able to schedule you on the weekend. Every effort is made to make these meetings convenient for you.

Appointments are usually scheduled once/week. There will be easy things for you to practice between meetings. If you need to travel soon, we can meet twice/week.

About Insurance

Some health insurance plans will reimburse for our program if you have out of network benefits.

(We are not accepting managed care at this time). Please let us know at the time of your first call if you are interested in using health insurance benefits and what health insurance company you use. Our fear of flying sessions are on a flexible schedule. We can usually get you started within two weeks of your initial call to us.

Whom To Call If . . .

If your issue is with heights, turbulence, safety, claustrophobia and panic, please call Jean Ratner at (301) 469-8542.

If your difficulty with travel is primarily due to claustrophobia and panic, please call Cornelia Tietke directly at (202) 271-5673.

We look forward to hearing from you!