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Travel is our connection to the people, places, and events that are important to us and enrich our lives. But fear of flying and other worries about travel can restrict our personal and professional lives. We miss out on job opportunities, celebrations, vacations, and other important events. With more than 20 years of experience, Center For Travel Anxiety’s focus is to help you overcome your flying anxiety so that you will have the freedom to travel with increasing comfort and confidence.

We also treat anxiety related to agoraphobia, travel by train, ship and driving.  Many Blackwater NWR,Cambridge,USA - November 19,2010 :driving phobias.  Driving anxiety may be experienced on local roads, especially at large intersections, overpasses, or on highways, driving over bridges or through tunnels.  Driving phobias for some people emerge only during bad weather conditions, making left turns, driving through construction areas, or other specific conditions.

Fear of Flying Classes

Most people who come to our individual fear of flying classes have not flown for years and have cancelled many trips.  Others who call us are currently flying but are doing so with extreme anxiety.. Fears are different from person to person. For many, it involves claustrophobia or fear of heights. The fear of having a panic attack keeps others from flying. Concerns about the possibility of an accident or terrorism, an intense dislike of the crowds and hassle in an airport, and worry about leaving children or elderly parents affect other would-be fliers. And, if you are the kind of person who typically worries whether you have turned off the stove or locked the front door before you left home for the airport, our fear of flying classes can work on those issues too.

plane cabinWhatever your concerns are about flying, our highly personalized individual classes have the flexibility to address them.  Group workshops are held four times a year for people who are working with us individually.  Our program is based on well-established, successful,  state-of-the-art cognitive-behavioral, de-sensitization methods for the treatment of fear of flying and other phobias. We hope that you’ll take a look at the “Postcards” page so that you can read a few of the postcards we’ve received from graduates of our fear of flying classes.  We’re quite proud of our graduates.

Flexibility You Need

It is our goal, as we know it will be yours, not only to overcome your flying anxiety and begin traveling, but also to keep you traveling!


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